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A review of literature is necessary as a basis for any work but in describing the state of the art of a theme Field, E.& Mission, S. affirm that the important thing is to discover the Theoretical basis on which the subject is based for a future analysis and expansion of the knowledge base of the sector. For this, the studies that will be relevant to the research should be delineated, which will show what has been done so far Brereton, Kitchenham, Budgen, Turner,& Khalid. Following a methodology that allows analyzing and summarizing quality information Brereton. With a solid foundation and research methodology appropriate to the research topic, it will be demonstrated that the proposed work will contribute in a new way to the set of knowledge and advances in its field to carry out a literature review requiring: planning, review and development Presentation and review of results.

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For the planning part Brereton. Recommend specifying the scope and the search protocol to be reached and developed. Therefore, the domains of interest should be selected and not searched in all available areas Fielt, E.& Milton, S.; Kitchenham, which will minimize the bias of the study, document the information Found and define buy youtube accounts pva in advance how the review will be done Brereton. For the work, only scientific articles were considered, excluding articles that involve irrelevant areas of study and taking into account only those related to sales, marketing, social commerce, social media and hospitality. For the reading of the articles I order them according to their relevance, always starting from the most relevant.

As a limitation, it should be mentioned that it was not possible to access all the information found in the databases, due to the restriction or the presentation format of some articles. In this paper, no research questions or hypotheses were raised, nor was a geographic or temporal scope defined as they are left for future research and studies that want to address more in the topic. As for the development of the review, this part includes the identification and extraction of articles, sources and search strategy, as well as content analysis and classification. A bibliographic search buy instagram accounts should be done in different electronic sources of information Brereton., for the work, the search process was conducted in the following databases: UPV, EBSCO, Emerald, Google Scholar, Web of Science And Science Direct and the keywords used to find the articles were: marketing, s-commerce, social commerce, social media, social media marketing, social networks, social media strategy, Pinterest, hospitality and tourism; These words were searched in the titles, summaries and text of the articles. During the literature review, primary and secondary articles were found Fielt, E.& Miskon, S.

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Between them, approximately articles were consulted, trying to select articles only from the date. As for the search strategy, Brereton. Recommend selecting the one that is most appropriate according to the topic to be treated, since this will contribute significantly to the extraction of documents during the review of the gmail pva literature Fielt, E.& Miskon, S. For the work, the criteria used in the search strategies varied depending on the database in which it was worked, but the objective of the strategy was always to find the main authors and references in the field, definitions, characteristics, histories Fielt, E.& Miskon, S. In this paper we present the results of the study. Zotero is a free Firefox add-on, free and updated continuously, its installation does not present any major problem, but you can consult the tutorials of your web page in case of any doubt.

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For the selection of articles, the methodology of Brereton. Was followed, first the titles, abstracts and conclusions of the publications were reviewed to discard the irrelevant studies and later obtained complete copies of those that were not rejected to record them, Review and understand them in detail according to see more the established search protocol Fielt, E.& Miskon, S. In order to process the obtained information we used the bibliographic reference manager Zotero and as reader of documents we used Adobe Acrobat Reader. Zotero is a free software bibliographic reference manager that integrates easily with the browser Guevara& Raimundo. Thanks to this it was possible to collect, sort, group and export bibliographic references and then manage these resources in a better way.